Friday, 26 October 2018

Probably the best under stairs storage ever!

Why not have a look at how a commissioned oak under stairs storage solution may look.

This bespoke under stairs storage solution was commissioned and within 3 weeks it was installed. You'll notice all the grain matches. And we have maximised the cloak room to take as many coats as possible. Including the installation of a pull coat rail. The shoe storage has been fitted behind an opening door, behind which is six shoe storage drawers. Plus we have pull out units for those hard to reach places too. It's probably to best under stairs storage solution I've seen.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The ultimate under eves storage solution ever!

Here I have fitted what I think is one of the best solutions to age old problem of storage in the attic, and how to make it both practical and beautiful. This customer designed something spectacular in my mind. Of course I had the easy bit. Just to make it paint and then come and install it.

This particular design gives access to a corridor that has been hidden from view. By pulling out the left unit, one is able to walk behind and enter the long corridor of storage that was of particular interest to the client. And by only having a pull out rail on the right behind a door, this provided enough room to slip past, once it was fully extended. These extendable clothes rails I make and they can take more then 80kg I could have off it myself.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

All is well that ends well. Our NHS has done it again. What a wonderful job. It was almost a pleasure to hurt myself. Thanks to the team at Romford Hospital and their A&E department.

Friday, 5 October 2018

What every carpenter and joiner needs to learn the hard way.

Why do accident happen?
What every carpenter and joiner needs to know about avoiding accidents.
How did this accident happen?
What tips would you offer to help others worried about a similar fate?

  1st)  I would try to realise the truth about working in an environment where accidents can happen in an instant.
  2nd)  I would try to figure out, if what I'm about to do, can be done in a less strained safer way.
  3rd)  I would consider if I'm rushing this at all.
  4th)  Next I would figure out a way to remove my hands and use a clamp instead!

ps How did this happen anyway?  Well I was holding a small piece of wood on a bench and placed the saw pointing down with the teeth of the blade facing inwards. The piece was so tiny and yet I persisted in trying to saw it, and because of impatience and backache and a desire to hurry the whole procedure, instead of sitting up and giving myself and chance to rest and try again or make it safe, I instead just went right ahead and quickly just pushed the saw, but the piece of wood, was to easy to cut, but by this time I was committed and leaning over thus was needing to correct myself a little before the saw had finished its manoeuvre. This resulted in just a little touch from the teeth onto my flesh! The rest they say was history.