Friday, 31 July 2015

Making and fitting an oak front door and frame.

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at my blog. A little while ago I made and fitted an oak front door and frame for a customer in Gidea Park, in Essex. It had sealed opaque glazed units along one side of the door as well as panels made in oak along the top and down the other side. The door was 70mm thick and was made from 1 inch solid oak planks stuck together, like with an aircraft wing, thus enabling me to get the thickness and the planks were stuck together with a biscuit machine and plenty of exterior glue. The height of the door was 7 feet too. It was quite difficult to pick up with two guys, once it was assembled. And here are the pictures of the job. Want to know more?

Here I've made some garage doors out of meranti wood, they look good don't they?

Here is another carpentry and joinery project I undertook with Ben for a customer in Woodford. It included stripping the front door of paint and sanding the hallway and making the back gate and the garage doors and fitting them and finally varnishing everything. However the floor has something tougher then just varnish. It was a special water based floor treatment recommended by surveyors in the pub industry. Want to know more?

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