Sunday, 6 May 2018

Is having floating shelves a plus when renting?

What you need to know about floating shelves if you are thinking of trying to improve your rented property. Are they strong enough for any type of tenant? Do having floating shelves make your property more attractive or desirable for tenants? Good questions. Floating shelves can be made real tough and real strong. What is the worst thing that could be happen to your shelves once they have been installed? We all know the answer this one. They could sag right? No not these shelves, these shelves are almost unsagable if that is a word. The reason for this is the installation process. We use re bar or threaded rod to ensure they will not bend, and the fixings are made into the wall, whether the wall is made from brick/plaster board/breeze block or concrete. So once we know they are strong and will not sag, next is will they look great! The answer to this is all about design, decor, and use. I would say if you need storage then floating shelves give a beautiful finish whilst at the same time offering provision for lights and future change of colour.

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